Sam Hayward
Sam Hayward

People often ask me... I got started as a writer


I suppose it's something I've always enjoyed doing, even as a child. 


At the age of nine, I can remember having a poem published in the Topper comic and winning a small, plastic guitar.  It wasn't something I could play so it sat amongst all my other toys in the corner of my bedroom, but it filled me with pride every time I looked at it.


Unfortunately, having a vivid imagination often got me into trouble.  I can recall a story I wrote at primary school about my family.  I described my father as an intrepid explorer who had canoed along the Amazon, fighting off hungry crocodiles as they swam towards his boat.  A few days later my essay was read out in assembly by my headmaster.  After he had finished, he looked at me and asked if this was really true.  "Yes sir," I replied, at which point, everyone roared with laughter.


In later life, I continued to write poetry and short stories which I wrote for pleasure.  I never thought about getting them published. 


...what I do when I cannot think of anything


When my mind goes blank, I go out, either for a walk or a drive.  A complete change of scene usually does the trick.  I love people-watching and can sit for long periods of time just observing the general public.  It's a great source of inspiration.










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